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Roma Press Center – Roma Sajtóközpont


The media image of Roma is not only professional, ethical, or a
“question of taste” issue, but also question of Roma exclusion.


The Roma Press Center (RPC) is an independent news agency founded in 1995. The RPC is
the first news agency in Hungary, which informs the public through the mainstream media
about the news and events of the Roma, Europe’s and Hungary’s biggest minority group.
During their existence the RPC have published over 4,000 Roma-related news 80% of which
were printed in national daily papers, and 100% published on the Internet.


RPC shows objective pictures of the Roma society, and at the same time
all of the reports are published in the mainstream media.


Our activities: journalism & news service, production of short films, cooperating with the
largest hungarian mediums, cooperating with Roma and human rights NGO-s, civil rights
activity, training of young Roma journalists and activists



Ireland: Romani family compensated for hysteria around blond child

Compensation of more than EUR 60 000 has been awarded to the family of a blond Romani boy in Ireland after he was taken away from his family for no reason in October 2013. Social workers mistakenly believed the boy was not the biological son of his parents. Continue Reading

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Opportunistic politicians evicting Roma for political gain

Bulgarian Helsinki Committee says: Opportunistic politicians evicting Roma for political gain. On 9 October, Kaloyan Stanev of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee published an opinion piece through the Open Society Foundations describing the evictions of Roma that have been ongoing there. The evicted families say they were given just one hour by police to leave their dwellings before they were bulldozed. Continue Reading

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EU-funded online Roma resouces project draws criticism from academics and activists

Stefan Benedik of the History Department at the University of Graz in Austria has written a protest letter regarding the online promotional video for a project called “e-roma-resource” (e-RR) funded by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme. The video has since been removed. Continue Reading

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Knowledge Is Power (music video)

Knowledge is Power engages young Roma in Serbia in a creative way and encourages them to be a part of Serbia’s education system, through participation in a video on the theme of education, which had its premiere on this occasion. Continue Reading

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Czech Gov’t reviewing bill to compensate illegally sterilized women

Czech Human Rights Minister Jiří Dienstbier is submitting a bill to the cabinet that legislates an apology, CZK 300 000 (EUR 11 000) in compensation, and coverage of medical treatment for women who have been illegally sterilized. Continue Reading

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T-shirt reading “WE KILL THE GYPSIES” for sale online by Zazzle [Romea]

At 15:12 CET 9. 22. 2015. the Czech edition of news server Romea.cz reported that the German-language pages of the Zazzle online retailer were offering a T-shirt  reading “GYPSY HUNTER BADGE – WE KILL THE GYPSIES”. Continue Reading

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Jenő Setét on Orbán’s speech about asylum seekers

Hungarian roma activist, Jeno Setet on the demonstration against Viktor Orban, Budapest, 13 September 2015. Video by Ádám Csillag. Continue Reading

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We are present! – International Roma Day 2015

Since 1990, April 8 is a day dedicated to the Roma. In 2015 for the first time in Hungary, we tickled the stimulus-threshold of the society saying ’We are present!’ and showing that Romani people are an important and integrated part of it. Continue Reading

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Golden Band Prize 2015

I have two golden bands on my forehead: one is for my Gypsy self, the other is for my Hungarian self.’ The citation come from Kovács József Hontalan, a Roma poet who wear proudly both of his bands. The Roma Press Center identifies with these words which inspired the establishment of the Golden Band Prize. Continue Reading

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