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Roma people make Europe great too!

Everyday Roma Heroes – An exhibition in the European Parliament.

Hungarian Roma Press Center and its partners – Roma Education Fund, ROMEA.cz, Univeristy of Cyprus, Guarda City Hall presents: Everyday Roma Heroes – An exhibition in the European Parliament. Soraya Post MEP and Benedek Javor MEP opened the exhibition on 5 April 2016.

The past of Roma and non-Roma people intertwine more than the majority of people would believe. Despite constant isolation and the political discourse, Roma people are a vital part of the European society. The International Roma Day is not an occasion for a carefree party time – we don’t have many reason for that: Roma people are continously slipping out from the society and they not even realize their own heritage and values.

That’s why we need to expose it with dignity: despite the difficulties, Roma people make Europe great too! This portray exhibition intoduces exceptional Roma people from all around Europe — everyday heroes whom we all can be proud of.











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