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Archive | november, 2019

Manifesto of 1Hungary

Our declaration is the basis of our belonging to the community of humans, to the community of Hungarians and to all the people living in Hungary. Our community actively stands with all excluded social groups.

During its 1100-year history, our homeland has faced several tragedies, but—in contradiction to many other nations—we are still here, bring up our children up and building the future. The community of Hungary has always had the ability to survive, to adapt and to renew. In many cases during the difficult centuries, the large-scale integration of other nations and communities was the key to survival. These groups living besides each other in peace became real communities and became a nation with time. This is why Hungary is a cultural and political community based on integration. History taught us the lesson that the Hungarians and all people who live here are dependent on each other and that there is only one Hungary—it is all of ours, and we have to find common solutions to our problems.

There are serious problems today, but we know that our common problems can be solved if all the members of the nation are considered equal and this equality is guaranteed to all of our compatriots, and if we do not allow  anyone to be excluded. Poverty, the lack of social solidarity, the spread of designer drugs and all the related problems pose serious difficulties for families and communities in certain regions. In order to give responsible answers, the causes should be distinguished from the effects. We declare that our enemy is poverty and not the poor.

We declare that drug users should not be stigmatized but provided with help. We declare that criminal are individuals with names and should not be identified by their origins. We declare that collective punishment is unjust and extremely dangerous, and that no one can place themselves above Hungary’s laws and institutions.

Voices that make easy political profit from pointing at scapegoats, stigmatizing groups and spreading fear are getting stronger. The rise of such powers ended in a horrific series of tragedies in the past. This is why we cannot afford the mistake of remaining silent, as we did in 2008–2009 during the series of racist killings of Roma.

We say no to public speech that stigmatizes ethnic and social groups. We say no to marches that instill fear in people and communities. We also say no to incitement to aggression. In contradiction to the promotion of hatred, and because we are aware of the power of words, we vow to be the voices of peace. Our homeland has only progressed when it was led with wisdom. When hatred was empowered, it led straight to disaster.

Everyone can join us if they are open to discussion—even those who do not routinely agree with us—because only one Hungary exists and it is the homeland of all of us.

In order to establish a sound and more peaceful public life:

I. We accede to the Electoral Human Rights Minima (see appendix)
a. We only support and accept support from political actors who declare that the Roma community, and every Hungarian social group, is an equal part of the Hungarian nation and who distance themselves from any previous actions that contradict this.
b. In keeping with the Convention on the Rights of the Child, we do not target or use children in political campaigns.

II. We expect the state to ensure unconditional legal equality.

a. We also expect the state to ensure consistent and effective protection against breaches of equality.

III. We will report extreme incidents in the appropriate forums.

a. If we observe any discriminatory phenomena, or preparations for such, we will report them to the Equal Opportunity Authority, the police, the operator of the given community site, or to other relevant institutions.
b. Any member, representative, candidate or activist from the organizations we represent who uses hate speech will be sanctioned through an internal process and reported in internal forums.
c. If any ally or member of the organizations we represent uses hate speech or takes hateful actions, we will report this in the relevant forums and reconsider our cooperation.

IV. We distance ourselves from hate speech and stand up for any vulnerable social group that is intimidated or attacked by extremist political groups.

a. The members of 1Hungary will review and harmonize our protocols for securing and enforcing human rights.
b. We will create a common communication platform, where information about hate speech will be available and can be shared easily.

V. According to our personal and organizational possibilities, we stand against all organized actions to frighten any community.

a. In settlements affected by hate demonstrations, according to our capacities and resources, we will participate in fact-finding, in the promotion of discussions, and in the creation of action plans for finding concrete solution with the involvement of the local authorities and the community. At the same time, we will articulate a common demand for the state to protect, including by the presence of police, the community that has been attacked.

b. Our activists, non-governmental organizations and political parties will establish a conciliation forum that takes common actions against the intimidation of communities. In order to do so, the sharing of assignments and roles and the effective distribution of available resources are crucial.
c. We will identify and develop innovative methodologies and communication techniques that provide the possibility to raise the awareness of the broader society to the criminal aspects of the actions taking by extremists.

VI. We stand up for the concept of 1Hungary and through all our actions we promote the peaceful coexistence of all social and ethnic groups, the evaluation of problems among them, and the search for reasonable solutions.
a. Other persons and organizations will be encouraged to sign the Declaration of 1Hungary.
b. The values listed above guide our everyday actions, our common speech and our political actions.
c. The content of the Declaration of 1Hungary is also a compulsory guide for our local chapters and their members.

Budapest, July 7, 2019

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